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How to Change Blogger Template & Install a Custom One?

Let's consider a blog as a human being. Then if the content is its soul, the template will be its body. And when a soul lives without a body, we call it — A Ghost!! Hence, you can speculate how important a template is for a blog. After creating a blog a blogger should, foremost, change the default template & get a custom one. I'm not saying the default theme is bad, but if stuffs like SEO, Pro Look etc are into your consideration then obviously you'd need to switch to a custom template.

Incidentally, I've mate some newbies who finds it hard to replace a blogger template. And hence this article. In the previous week, I posted a tutorial explaining the process to backup and restore a blogger template. Today's article is going to follow the same line of action. The procedure is simple, basically you have download a template, & assign it to your blog by restoring it. And that's all. Okay, so let's get started.

The Process to change a template:

First off, you'll need a handsome template. Sites like btemplates.com, webdesignrazzi.com etc. can do well. Excluding that, you can simply look for it in Google or Bing. Anyway, pick any good looking template, download it and keep it in your hard drive. We're coming to it later. If it's compressed in Zip or Rar file, just unzip/extract it.

Now, go to your blogger dashboard and steer to your preferred blog. Then navigate down to the template section at the left side of your blog.

Go to the Template section

At the template segment, you'll note a "Backup/Restore" button at the top-right corner of the page. Click it.

The Backup/Restore Button

Now, a block will come out (look at the snap below). Another thing, I always recommend to backup your template before any experimentation. Hence, firstly backup the template. Then click on browse (underneath the download button) and select the custom template file that you downloaded (must be an XML file). And then hit upload. The following pic will do go for you.

First backup, then upload a custom template


So this is how to change a blogger template. And now, let me hear it from you — What things do you consider while choosing a template? Comment your views below. At the end I'd say, go design your blog, make it look awesome, create great contents, and keep blogging.

Image courtesy: Stuart Miles & FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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How to Install and Use WhatsApp on PC?


Now, in 2014, sitting under a tree, putting a bubble gum in my mouth, if I ask you — What the hell is WhatsApp? Perhaps, you'll gawk at me for a minute and silently go to the top of a roof and then, you know what I mean..! Yet, let me clarify you what WhatsApp is. It is a smart messenger used to transfer texts between "peoples-who-care-for-each-other". And according to the company it is a "cross-platform mobile messaging app" available for smart phones including iPhone, Android, BB, Windows etc. 

Now, suppose you have a PC but you lack a smart handset to share your thoughts to the "peoples-you-care-about". So either you have to buy a Smartphone or do some magical tweaks to make that app supported in the damn PC. The second one is worthy doing, I speculate! So stop weaving around and abide by this post to learn the complete process. Let's get the party started.

Few months ago, I posted a popular article on playing android games & apps on PC. I'm gonna apply the same tactics in this case. Hence, instead of explaining the whole process I'm going to give a brief summary of steps to be followed. You can see the process fully explained at that article

  1. First of all download and install BlueStacks. Here's the direct Download Page for Windows/Mac.
  2. Next, in the search box write WhatsApp & hit enter. Then install it. Or else, you can ask a friend for the whatsapp via Bluetooth (in that case you'll need apps like Bluetooth App Sender) and then install it.
  3. Now you might have to connect your Google Account with it. Do as it says.
  4. Then you'd have to verify your mobile number. They'll send a confirmation code to your mobile and ask for it in the PC. After the correct insertion of the code, your app is totally ready to be used.

And thus friends, you can "keep-caring-for-the-people-you-used-to-care". They'll be happy. You'll be happy. And I'm already happy from the early 30's (even though I wasn't born). Anyway, lot for today. It's time to bid a farewell. See ya in the comments.  

Photo Credit: Desiree Catani via PhotoPin licensed under CC 2.0. And I guess WhatsApp's logo and the name itself are trademark and copyright of the respected owner.
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How to Backup or Restore a Blogger Template?

After creating a blog, the first task that we usually perform is designing the blog. And hence we make changes in the default template. But as a beginner, people often make mistakes on that part. One fallacy in coding & boom!! And the most irritating thing is to rectify the errors which may take hours to get cured! In addition to those, sometimes, suppose you're working on the template and suddenly it crashes. You may lose all the data then. So instead of all these clutters, it'll be better if you take a backup of the template and restore it later if necessary. In this article, I shall discuss the process of backing up a blogger template and later restoring it. All you have to do is — comply these merely few steps. So here it goes.

The Backup Process:

To backup your template first of all go to blogger dashboard. Choose a blog and navigate to the template section. After the page finishes loading, look at the top corner on right side. There's a button named "Backup/Restore". Simply click on it.


Right after clicking, a dialogue box kinda thing will appear. There you'll notice a button saying 'Download Full Template'. Hit it and the download will start. Next, store the downloaded file (an xml file) at some safe place. You're done. Here's a screenshot clarifying the process.


The Restoring Process:

This one is quite similar to the previous process. Simply, go to the template section of the selected blog. Then click on the same button (i.e. Backup/Restore). Then choose any xml backup file and upload it. That's it. Easy isn't it?

Recommended: How to Change Blogger Template and Install a Custom One?

I know this was merely an obligatory post and might look mind-numbing to few people. But it is actually a great way to kick off for starters. Please take some time to comment how did you feel about the post. Good bye for now. See ya.

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via PhotoPin licensed under CC 2.0.
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How to get the start menu back on Windows 8 or 8.1?


Hey there. If you recently upgraded to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 from Win 7 or XP, then you might feel a little uncomfortable with the new tiled interface of start menu. To some people it's just but a bad headache. If you belong to that group, it is the right place to find yourself the accurate pain killer. Unlike pain killers this won't harm you at all (just kidding). Anyway back to the track. Recently Microsoft announced that they are bringing their old folk - the start menu back, in the upcoming updates. That should be great news for you guys. But until they unfold their stuff, let's go make some tweaks by ourselves & get it back. And this post is all about getting back the start menu (the old one, you know) in Windows 8 or 8.1. So let's get the party started.

You're gonna need:

  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Some third party software (I'll tell you what).

Time for the crunch:

There are several awesome software (few of them come free of cost), which will help you to grab back the old classic list style start menu. Here I've collected some of them and made a catalogue for you. Download any of them, install it and boom! It's back. So here's the list:

  1. Classic Shell:  It is really an awesome free tool to get back the old look. You can nicely personalize it according to your needs. You can tweak it to make it look like Windows 7 or XP. In addition to all of those it is open source software.
  2. Start 8: Start 8 is a fantastic way to grab the old start menu out of win 8. Many popular sites like Lifehack recommends this great app. The only thing that keep it back is it's price, though this nice tool worth more than it's cost i.e. $5.
  3. StartMenu8: It's just another simple yet tremendous tool to accomplish our mission. Moreover it comes for free of cost. But as far as our observation it's a little obscure. So you may avoid it.
  4. ViStart 8: It's another magnificent app to make start menu visible again. It's a handy tool and comes completely for free.
You can choose any of those and get back your old-school awesome start menu. That's all for today. Go celebrate your new user interface. Anyway, if you know any other great tools, please comment your suggestions bellow. Peace.

Cover Photo has been remixed from a photo by Viktor Hanace taken from PicJumbo
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Tech-a-Brel Monthly Giveaway: Win a $0.99 eBook for Free!


Howdy! Time for some awesome giveaways. We have arranged the first ever giveaway contest here in Tech-a-Brel. Enter this easy-breezy giveaway and stand a chance to win an awesome prize. The contest is starting today and ending this month on 27th. So get you bundles packed tight & get set go.


5 lucky winners will win a $ 0.99 eBook on the most effective ways to get more twitter followers, tittled — "The Ultimate Twitter Follower Building Guide". We're giving this away for free of cost. It's a massive eBook containing well researched steps that'll help you to gain more follows on your twitter account.

How to take part:

It's just as easy as eating a cup of coffee. Here's the giveaway from. You may enter the contest via following the instructions given bellow.


We'll contact you via mail for any kind of further announcements. Winner's list will be published after the closing of the contest. So just relax, you'll be notified.

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Getting Started with a Blog.

getting started with a blog cover pic

Blogging. Believe me or not, it is nowadays considered as a job, or sometimes you can say a way to earn some additional bucks. To me its a kind of hobby that I enjoy doing. As you're reading this post, I can speculate that you're willing to have a blog of yourself. Cool then, you're at the correct place. I'll help you out with this issue. Starting from the creation of the blog, to it's heavy monetization — you'll get everything here. There are some mistakes that I made while creating this blog. I shall try to make your path smooth by keep you away from those blunders. Initially you ain't gonna need any programming language. But after few days of serious blogging those will play a major role. So you better learn them early. Before starting the tutorial, there are some terms that I think, should be made apparent to you.

  • Niche: Niche is the particular category that your blog is all about. For example, technology, celebrities etc.
  • S.E.O: Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is about optimizing your blog for improved ranking on search results in search engines like Google, Bing etc. When someone find for something in google or yahoo, a list of links appears. The much you rank upward, the more traffic you drive to your blog and the wealthier you become. This is one of the most important tasks of blogging.
  • Templates: Template is a pre-built file that contains html instruction about the look of your site. You can select a template and apply it to your blog and your blog will look the way, the template is written.

Now let's get started with our step by step beginner's guide. Study all of them deeply to avoid any minor or major mistakes.

1. Choose a platform:

There are hundreds, if not thousands sites that offer you free blogging platform. But you should select what's perfect for you. I've hand-picked a few of them. Here's the list:


Blogger is the best platform for a beginner to kick off! It's damn easy for anyone and it comes with several stunning features. This is one of the most reliable blogging sites since 1999. Now this company is owned by Google, Inc. So obviously this is major benefit in search rankings as your site is optimized by the crawling king Google itself.
Blogger or Blogspot.com is packed with the basic features that you might need to post something. You can also use several in-built & external widgets or gadgets o make your blog look good. If this is your first time, then I'd recommend you to go with blogger.


If you ask a professional blogger about his favorite blogging platform, the reply would always be Wordpress. Unlike Blogger, wordpress is a feature-packed site with awesome customization options. That's the reason you'd notice that most of the huge blogs run on wordpress. Wordpress lets you beautify your site from hair to toe. You can even host your site out of your own, which is one of the biggest lacks of other platforms. I won't recommend it for starters.


Tumblr isn't really the best stage to create a blog. But for few niches like photography it comes as a very good alternative. You may try this out, but I doubt whether you can keep up a long time with this. Besides, it's server crashes down often which isn't quite good for your site's health.

2. Pick your niche:

After you're done choosing your platform, it is time to select your niche. First of all think about what you are interested in, what you know the most, what drives you crazy. This may be about anything, like Sports, Technology, Photography, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health, TV & Music, Movies, Celebrity buzz etc. Whatever that is, pick up a certain niche, and start writing about that. Remember that 90% of your posts should be related to that niche. Well you can select multiple niches, but that would be a little tough for you to control at one time. So my advice will be to go on with something specific.

3. Name your blog:

After choosing the niche, it's time to give a name to your baby blog. Try to name it in accordance with the category your selected. It should be short & meaningful enough to be memorized easily. Then choose a domain name for your blog. You can skip this if you don't want to invest bucks on your blog so early. You can buy domain names from sites like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Or else leave the default domain provided by the platform. If you choose Blogger you'll be given a URL like <sitename>.blogspot.com. There's no problem with the default URL. It's just a little harder to remember (try mine). Anyway let's jump to the next step.

4. Beautify you site:

It's time to make your blog look better. At first select an awesome template for your blog. There are many sources on the web, where you can download or buy templates as per as your choice. Some templates come for free, some don't. If you wish to spend some money on your blog, you may buy it. Blogger gives you some default templates. But I'd suggest you to grab them from different sites. Just search on google with the keywords "Free Blogger Templates". Simply pick it, download it and install it to your blog.

Widgets are another way to make your site user friendly and look great. You'd get some default gadgets on blogger itself, or look for them on the web. Add them as per as your needs.  But don't flood your site with non-essential clutters.
Beautification goes on as you keep blogging. Stay tuned to my site for awesome widgets and other cool stuffs.

5. Start Posting:

No matter how great your blog looks like, it's useless without good contents. People won't come to your blog without something to read, and whoever comes will bounce back. Hence, start posting from today. You may start with a welcome message to all readers. In the post tell them in detail what your site is about. Right after that, begin sharing your knowledge about the certain niche. Try to make your post as lengthy as 250-500 words and make an effort to post often. By often I meant to say, at least twice a week or more. This will be both wealthy and healthy for your blog.

6. Submit it to Webmaster Tools:

Next step is to submit the site along with it's sitemap to Google and Bing's Webmaster Tools. To generate a blogger sitemap, go to this link. Then follow the simple steps provided by Amit Agarwal. Do the same steps for Bing WMT. This will help you improving search rankings and gives you more authorizations over your blog.

That's enough. These are the basic steps that you need to do to create a blog & after creating a blog. What next? There are tons of stuffs to do with your blog. Remember, the only step to succeed as a blogger is to keep posting. The more time you pass blogging, the more wrenched your path will be. There are some persons who succeeded with just 100 posts; on the other hand there are those people who are still hunting for the perfect goal even after 250 posts! That's why, you cannot simply leave hope. Just stay tuned to this site and keep a track of the tutorials, tricks, tips posted here. I promise, I'll make your path as buttery as possible. So get set and go. Stay Calm. Keep Blogging. See you soon.

Cover photo credit: Dunechaser via PhotoPin under CC 2.0 license.
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Finally Google is Ending The Free Zone Promotion!

Google is Ending Free Zone 31st March

Google is ending their Free Zone Promotion in India by 31 March, 2014 due to some unknown reasons. Whoever has accessed the Google Powered Free Zone these days would notice a message appearing in the homepage saying about the ending of their promotion within 31st.

The Free Zone Promotion will end on March 31st Message

Few days earlier, Google India in a link-up with Bharti Airtel introduced a new service called Free Zone. With this feature people having an Airtel SIM card could access google and its service for free of cost through mobile phones. The services included Google Search, Gmail and Google+ etc.

This was very handy because even without any balance in pocket everyone was staying in touch with their mail box and the giant social networking site. For students like me, it was like a global handbook that provided help about studies anywhere, anytime. Although, everyone was getting these fantastic beneficial stuffs, some people started condemning it. Their grumble was that, Airtel were trying to cut user's balance via making them pay extra money to surf external links. But all these complaints were baseless. Because, whenever an external link gate appeared it showed up a message that "You've to pay to visit the next link". So it is clear that they weren't sucking users to pay additional bucks.

Lastly, a request to Google & Bharti Airtel (wish they could hear me). Might be that you've faced unavoidable losses during the running of the promotion, but please endeavor to bring this awesome service again in India. Anyway, for your here-on-call help — thank you Free Zone and a farewell. See you soon.

Photo Credit: Woodley Wonder Works via PhotoPin under CC 2.0 license.

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