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How to Optimize Images for Better SEO in a Blogger Blog?

Top post on IndiBlogger.in, the community of Indian Bloggers
how-to-optimize-images-for-better-seo-in-a-blogger-blog-snapIn my last article I tried to elaborate what SEO is. But that was just a beginner's stuff and written for the basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. Now the real question is — how exactly can you perform SEO? Many bloggers keep saying that SEO is really complex thing, it's not a piece of cake and stuffs. Chillax guys! I admit that it isn't a piece of cake, but it's nothing more than 2 pieces of cake, lol. And if you can eat 1 piece of cake, eating 2 pieces of cakes is just a piece of cake for you, right? Anyway, I'm gonna write a series of articles to help you optimizing your blog for better search engine performance. So just stick to TAB. And today in this article you're going to learn how to search engine optimize your blog's images. In my language I call it Seofying the images. So let's dive in.

Why optimize images?

The first question that might arise in your mind is why the heck should I optimize the pictures? But buddy, the problem is that the Search Engines like Google, Bing etc aren't smart enough to read images while crawling your blog. At blogger blogs, we've to do it ourselves. You might find this painful, if you're as lazy as me. But there's nothing we can do about it. I think we all lazy bloggers should unite altogether and have a protest against such merciless, cruel barbarity of these SEs. Anyway till then let's solve this together. Remember united we stand, divided we fall.

Shut up and tell me how to do it.

For now, I'm just showing you the way to optimize the images in a blog post. So firstly open the post which we'll be dealing with. Done? Now here's the algorithm of optimizing an image. Just follow the steps carefully.

1. Upload the images into the post first. If you're editing an existing post and already placed a picture in it, skip this step.

2. Now click on the image. A group of options should appear below that image. Amongst them click on the Properties. Look at the snap below to scour your confusions.


3. After clicking, a rectangle box will pop. There you'll find two text fields.


Below are the functions of  those fields.
  1. Title Box: Whatever you write here, will be displayed when you hover your pointer over the image. This keeps your readers connected to you. Keep your mouse on the image above, for instance.
  2. ALT Text: ALT text is the short form of Alternative Text. As I said earlier, search engines can't understand images. So by using this alt text you can provide it information about the pic. For better SEO try to follow a certain format. I recommend using your title in dashed style followed by the description of the picture. For the above image, I'd use this alt text — how-to-optimize-images-for-better-seo-in-blogger-screenshot. Got it?
Just use these functions carefully to SEO optimize your blog's pictures so that your site ranks higher in search results.


That's all. Whenever you write a blog post, keep these two little stuffs in mind. It won't take much time, but it'll give you many things in return. For any queries I'm alive, just comment below. Don't be selfish, share this article with your friends. Cya.

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What is SEO: The Beginner's Guide


If you are blogging from several months, you might have heard the term SEO for thousands of times, right? It's really fascinating to gawk at others SEOfying there blog while you can do nothing about it. And that is the moment you go mad about it, hunt for it everywhere and after some repeated failures your frustration turns into anger —

Chillax!! TAB is here. Believe me, all bloggers go through this same phase of life. It's the key ingredient of success. I have posted many articles on blogging, but all of them were mainly concentrated on the basic designing of your blog. But the actual fact is that to make a popular blog, you gotta weave many things out by yourselves. And SEO is one of those things. No doubt you can hire an expert to build the SEO for your blog, but that's not what I recommend. If you want to be a real blogger, you must lasso the crafts in your finger tips. So all you have to do is calm down, take a drink and start reading this post out. SEO cannot be covered in just 3-4 posts. I'll be posting a series of tutorials on how to perform SEO in your blog. Just come back regularly and check for my posts on SEO and go through all of them. The only mantra is to Stay Calm and Keep Blogging. Let's now begin with our article.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. To define it 'blogomatically' —

It is a process by virtue of which you can make your blog/website appear on search result for a particular search keyword.

Well that's a bloody scientific definition. Leave it. Just try to understand that when you Search Engine Optimize your blog, search engines will find it and put it on the search results page. SEO is like the blood of your blog. It flows all over your blog, does its duties, but when it stops, your blog is dead.

Let me put another example in front ya. Suppose if you search for the term "Mark Zuckerberg" in Google, a bunch of links come at the results page. Now Google will show you 76, 00, 000 results. If you write about Mark, your page might be at the first page, or might be at the last page as well. So what factor defines it? It's the SEO!! Now many people will say content of your blog is the king, if you have great stuffs in your blog, it will rank higher in google. But believe me if content's the king, SEO is the king's soul then. And a body can't live without its soul.

Why do I need SEO?

Believe me or not 90% of my traffic comes from the search results. So unless until you optimize your blog for the Search Engines, you can't actually get traffic. Social Media can, in max, give you 10-15% traffic. That's it. You have to depend on SEs like Google and Bing. Let me show you an interesting infographic of my traffic data:

Search Engines crawl you site and look for great contents. But even awesome content is dead without proper SE-Optimization. You might ask now, why can't SEs do it themselves, eh? Well, yes they are smart, but the fact is they're human made and not smarter than you (feeling proud?). So that's the part, you have to do yourself.

There are thousands of sites taking birth every moment. If you want to survive in this site jungle, you have to bring your site to the first page (better within the first 7 positions). Just ask yourself, did you ever endeavor going to the second page when you need something? No, right? Now you can judge how important the optimization stuff is.

Also Read: How to Generate a Blogger Sitemap and Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Enough Crappy Speech, Tell Me How to Do It?

As I said earlier, it's kind of blood of your blog. It flows everywhere. No matter what changes you make to your blog, SEO will put his nose everywhere. It can't actually be done within a certain limit of time. You have to continue doing it always, everyday, whenever you write a post. You have to optimize the post's title, images, meta tags, the post itself, and even the blog's address.

For a starting knowledge, you should know that there are two types of SEO. One is the onsite SEO and the other is offsite SEO. The onsite optimization is just straight craft of writing. It's what you do in a post. Offsite optimization, on the other hand, is the matter that actually depends on stuffs like Backlinks, Internal Links, Social Media Marketing etc. The words may be new to you guys, but hang on, I'm gonna write about all these stuffs very soon.


I know there are many question floating around your mind. The first days of learning SEO are full of confusions. This is just the beginning, I shall tell you all the things that will lead you towards having a successfully SEOfied blog. Any questions? Comment it below. And Keep Blogging. Keep Rocking. 


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How to Generate a Blogger Sitemap and Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools?

how-to-generate-a-blogger-sitemap-cover-picWriting tons of posts? Yet not getting desired amount of traffic? Your posts ain't coming to the search results due to lack of sitemap? If the answers are yes, then probably I got you covered, I have the solution to your blood boiling problem.

So today in this article I'm gonna tell you how to generate a sitemap of your blog or website and easily submit it to Google's Webmaster tools so that your high quality content gets the perfect exposure through the search results. But first of all let me clarify the concept of sitemap to ya.

So what's a sitemap?

You read books (the real ones with pages in it)? If you remember that kinda books you must remember the table of contents at the starting of the book. Right? In case of your blog, that page of contents is known as sitemap. To define it "blogologically" —

A sitemap is the list of your blog posts (often a XML file), that the search engines use to crawl your site and show those posts in the search results.

Why do I need a sitemap?

Suppose I give your an unknown physics book of 2K pages and tell you to find out the Energy Torque Equation of a DC Machine asap, will you be able to find it without a list of content page? No, right? So can't the search engine. It crawls millions of sites daily, so it's nearly impossible for a search engine to automatically crawl all your pages. Hence the sitemap. If you want your content to rank in the result pages, you've got to do it. Let's have a look at how exactly we can create a sitemap and submit it to Google's Webmaster tools.

How to do that?

First of all you gotta start your computer, obviously! After that, simply go to this site. And then in the box (shown in the pic below), paste your site's URL and press the Generate Sitemap button below. You'll be presented with some bunch of codes. Next, copy that and better save that in some text file for future use.


Now come back to Blogger dashboard. Navigate down to the Settings > Search Preferences. There you'll notice a section named Crawlers and Indexing. Switch on (enable) the custom robots.txt option there and paste the copied bunch of code in that box (see the snap below) and save the changes.


Now your pages will be automatically crawled. But for a little help of Google, let's submit it to the Webmaster tools.

To do so, at first you gotta copy a certain part from that bunch of codes. Which part? Look at the screenshot below.


Got it? Copy the yellow part. Then go to Google's Webmaster tools. If your site is not listed there, make it appear by clicking ADD A SITE button at the top right corner of the page. Can you see it? Now click on your site and steer down to the Crawl option (at left side of the site). Under crawl tab you'll find an option named sitemap. At the top corner of that page, click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP. A box should pop out. Now paste the copied (yellow marked) code into popped box and hit the submit button. And you're done.



how-to-generate-a-blogger-sitemap-snap-4That's it. You've helped Google enough to find your blog's great contents. I recommend submitting the sitemap to Bing's Webmasters tools as well. Try doing it yourself. That will help you to have a long run in the field.

Wrapping everything up, here's the brief summary of what you've gotta do. Have a look over it.

Now you're a step ahead towards a great blog. Start writing more contents so that you get higher chances of getting discovered in the web ocean. Comment your thoughts on this topic bellow. Bye for now, ceeyaa. :)

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How to Add Custom CSS in a Blogger Blog?

As the colorful wings make a caterpillar butterfly, you need to dress up your blog to make it look awesome. In designing world we define this dress as CSS or more complicatedly Cascading Style Sheets. If you want your blog to look like a beauty queen, you gotta CSSify it. Anyway as a starter you might face difficulties while adding css (I faced, everyone face). Hence this tutorial. So without any clutters let's directly talk about how to do it.

In this world, there are two ways to perform any task. One, the easy way (or the Lazy Way) and the hard way (some hard-working people do it). I prefer the first process. Why the heck would I waste and burn extra calories, when I'm getting the same result? Anyway let's head over to the steps.

First off, the Lazy Way:

If you're sort of lazy and want to save your calories for future usage, you must follow this procedure. At first go to your blog's dashboard and steer down to the template part. You should notice a small screenshot of your blog with Live on Blog written over it. Got it? Fine, now click on the orange Customise button below it. The screen-snap will help you out.


A new page should open, where you'll notice some extra bit of options. Now directly navigate down to the advanced tab. Can you see a box up there? Right, now put any CSS code in that box and press Apply to Blog at the top right corner. That's it; you've now successfully and lazily added custom CSS code to your blog.


Now, the hard way:

Okay, if you think the life is full of hurdles and stuffs & you're at some stupid race of success, then you should probably follow these steps.

At first go to the template section and then click on Edit HTML right beside the Orange customise button (below the live view thumbnail of your blog). Now you'll find some innumerable bunch of crappy codes! Just click inside the box and press Ctrl+F and a tiny box will pop at the right top corner. Copy-paste this code in that box and hit enter.


The code, now, should be highlighted in yellow color, got it? Fine, now put any css code above that line of phrase. Remember the CSS must be above ]]></b:skin>. See the screenshot below.


As you can see in the snap, the CSS codes are pasted above the highlighted portion. Right? Okay, now click on Save Template. Wait a few moments until it gets saved and then head over to your blog to check whether the CSS addition was successful or not.

Putting All Bucks in Pocket:

Now you know how to add css codes in your blogger blog. If you face any problems while performing these tasks, comment below or you can knock me at Google+. Go ahead, it's your blog, make it awesome. Ceeyaa!

Cover pic credit: Geralt
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How to Keep Your PC at its Best — The Ultimate Guide

When you start your day, there’s one common thing that you ask yourself — How to stay at my best today? Because, when you stay at your best, it’s really hard for anyone to make you down. The same tactics work for your favorite computer, you know. Your computer at its best can provide you almost 100% efficiency. So, how to keep it at its best?  Today in this article I’m gonna write some tips to kick your PC’s day off with a fabulous boost.

What security problems does your PC face?

First off, think of the hurdles that stop you having a great day. For sure sudden sickness comes in that list, which mainly caused due to the bloody viruses, no? The same stuff occurs in case of your PC. You surf the net, download files, chat with friends and silently a Trojan finds a way into your computer. In addition to the harmful viruses there are dangerous malwares; key-loggers etc. are waiting to hunt you. While malware and viruses can destroy your PC (infecting the system files in the core), key-loggers can steal all your information including your ultra-personal stuffs such as Facebook, Twitter & even PayPal passwords! So you better keep them away from your system. But how can you do so? Follow the following!

You want the solution, eh?

The basic and most effective solution is awareness. But as they say, we humans are made of mistakes. So we better handle the responsibility in expert hands. By expert hands you can assume what exactly I’m talking about — The Antivirus Programs. Let me illustrate this in a dramatic manner. Imagine a castle where you and your PC are living and a crowd of viruses moving in to attack your castle. In that situation the antivirus will stand in front and fight against those craps. Cool, no? And when the talk is about security stuffs, Bitdefender comes in the ring, always ready to create an unbreakable invulnerable wall in between your PC and the crappy viruses and malwares. All you have to do is buy the software, install it, and let it do its job. That’s it.

Why Bitdefender?

I know there are tons of other antivirus solutions available at the market right now. But according to me Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers the best damn protection against Viruses, Malwares, Key-loggers etc. Bitdefender was rated 6 stars out of 6 in an independent IT Security Institute AV-Test, which, for sure abides by my words. Though all of you guys know that how trustworthy the antivirus software Bitdefender is, I thought of writing a review of it. So let’s have a look at its key features.

  • First of all one of the most pleasing features it has offered is the Bitdefender Photon™. Often when you use a heavy antivirus the computer slows down a bit. But this innovative technology will leave you speechless with its breezing fast scanning experience.
  • One of the biggest fears while surfing the net is Personal Information or Identity theft. But with Bitdefender, feel free as its Safepay™ feature protects you automatically in paying gateways. And its enhanced version keeps hackers locked out your world.
  • When you visit a site to read some important data and a window pops up offering you an iPhone at 20 bucks, it feels really annoying, no? Regular pop up blockers are good but not the best. And that’s when Bitdefender Autopilot™ feature comes into play. It silently and automatically scours security dusts out of your window, without even seeking your attention. I think that’s a tremendous feature.
  • And I don’t need to mention the virus protection ability of an antivirus which has been awared the BEST ANTIVIRUS 2014. Besides regular virus protection, it takes you higher, saving you from rootkits by its rescue mode.
  • It doesn’t really seek too much pc configuration. It can be installed easily in a computer having 1 GB Ram and a free space of almost 1.8 GB. It works equally on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. So you don’t need to worry about your OS.
  • Besides all these features it’s packed with innumerable stuffs. For instance, Vulnerability scanner, USB Immunizer, Remote Management, Bitdefender Safego™ etc. will do pretty good.

I guess, those are the most fabulous features you usually hunt for in an antivirus software. I've seen many other antivirus programs (I won't mention the names) but they fail to provide all type of security by itself. You need to install several other software to get a total security pack. But the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a total security package by itself. You don't need any other software to stay fully protected. Hence I recommend using this software. Anyway rush now to get the Best Antivirus of 2014.

Other Solutions:

If you’re too conscious about your security stuffs and if you want to do this job of your own then here are some handy tips you might find useful.

  • Firstly, do not respond positively to any mails that ask your password or bank pins. If you receive those mails, immediately contact that company and tell them about that mail.
  • Do not use same password for all sites. If one of your passwords is hacked somehow, all your accounts become unsafe then.
  • Use a strong unbreakable password consisting of capital letters, small letters, numbers, special characters etc. For instance YtGh7#2Es@v/e is really a strong password and a hacker has to try really hard in account to break it.
  • While entering passwords in sites like PayPal be sure to use the on-screen keyboard provided by Windows (and by Mac if you bite apple, lol). By doing this you can avoid key-loggers.
  • Use a genuine antivirus like Bitdefender and keep it updated in a daily basis.
  • Keep Windows Firewall switched on and updated.
  • While visiting social networking sites, don’t forget to take a look at its URL. Hackers often try to hoodwink you by same looking URLs. For example, they may use Faecbook.com which looks identical to usual Facebook.com. You go into that site, enter the password and boom! Your account is gone over to them. So you better be careful.
These were some tips which might save you in those security issues. Endeavor your best accomplishing those.

Problems other than security:

  1. In addition to security problems there are other problems too! Sometimes your computer gets slow. Your internet gets horribly speed less. In those cases I recommend using AVG PC Tuneup software. This optimizes your PC Speed, Internet speed, Registry errors and many more. And you can also use this technique to manually boost up your internet speed.
  2. Sometimes you accidentally delete your important files permanently. If you don’t get those back your Boss will, you know what I mean. This article will save you from your boss, I guess.
  3. If you are using a laptop you might face problem while typing on your keyboard as the mouse pad comes in your hand palm. And if you don’t notice what you’re typing you will finish up at some unreadable, indigestible kind of document which and you can’t do anything but gawking at it. So how to avoid this? Fortunately there is a freeware named TouchFreeze that can help you keeping this err away. Just install it and let it do its work.
  4. If your startup takes a lot of time, it might be caused by the user’s profile picture. Try changing it to a default one. It works often.
  5. Many times when update a content of a specific webpage and look at that page later, it stays the same i.e. it doesn’t get updated. In those cases, try cleaning your browser’s cache memory.
  6. While using your computer if your mouse freezes, that might be caused by virus. At that moment shut your computer down by pressing Alt+F4 or power button in your keyboard. Next after some minutes start your computer and perform a full antivirus scan of your computer including root scan on booting.
  7. If you are using Windows 8 you might not like the Start UI that it provides you by default. If you want to change it back to the Windows 7’s start menu follow this tutorial.
Those are the basic tips that might help you avoiding little problems and keep your computer 100% healthy and wealthy.


It depends on you how you operate your computer. If you behave goodly with it, it’ll react like the same. If you hurt it, it’ll hurt you back. Anyway tell me your problems in the comments below. I’ll keep updating this post with the solutions. Good bye, take care. Ceeyaa in the comments!!

Cover image credit: TheAngryTeddy via Pixabay. All trademarks are properties of their respected owners.
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Password Protect any Folders with Kakasoft Folder Protector

Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I wrote a product review. Hence I decided to go with reviewing a product. Few months ago, I posted a tutorial about password protecting any folders with WinRAR. That returned many positive feedbacks. Today I'm gonna review another software that helps you to password protect any folders or files easily. So let's get started.

Meet Kakasoft Folder Protector:

As many of you know, Kakasoft is a famous software company that has produced many high quality software in the past few years. So there will be high expectations from its new product — Folder Protector 6.30. Let's watch if it can stand up to our suppositions.

Key Features:

  1. Needs no installation. Directly run the software and start protecting.
  2. Easily portable. You can carry the protector file anywhere you want.
  3. It's too easy to use. Even newbies can use it comfortably. 
  4. You can protect any type of devices including hard drives, USB Drives, Memory cards etc. It comes really handy.
  5. No matter what version of Windows you're using - Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000! It'll be there to have your work done.
  6. Many other features such as adjusting security levels, email password recovery etc. makes it professional protector software.

How to Protect:

As I said the procedure of protecting folders is so easy that even a newbie can do it without any hindrances. Yet, I thought of sharing the process (this will increase this post length, you know)!
Anyway have a brief look at the steps below.

1. First of all download the Folder Protector from link below. It's just 1.5 MB. The trial version is fully free of cost.


2. Now execute the downloaded file. If windows prompts you, click on run.

3. After running the folder protector, a window will open as shown below. Click on the folder icon to choose the target folder (i.e. the folder you want to password protect). Then type any password and click on the Protect button. You're done! You can also provide your email address to recover password in case you forget your password in future.


4. After protecting, if you wish to discontinue the protection just go to the same folder and open the lockdir.exe file. Next, you'll be asked for the password. Enter it accurately press the Unprotect button. That's it. The files will be extracted in that folder. It's as smooth as buttering a bread. In case you wanna retrieve the password enter your assigned mail address and click on retrieve button. Watch the snap below.


Final Review:

The first thing that attracted me is that it doesn't require installation. Other protector software like Winrar needs installation. This, sometimes, is irritating as we've to burn some spaces from our memory. So, you know, it's quite cool. Next, I was pleased with its easy user interface and instant protection, which is quite hard to find in other software. But the most tremendous fact is that it uses "industry standard 256-bit on-the-fly AES Encryption technology" while the encryption process. So your files are totally secured. Besides, the files are fully protected as it can't be deleted or moved after encryption. It's fully portable as well, so you can carry to anywhere you want. In one sentence - Kakasoft Folder Protector is a tremendous guard with irresistible protection and yet one of the easiest software I've ever used. It's the ultimate protector you need.

I give it 4.5 stars out of 5. There's one thing that I'd like to suggest Kakasoft. Kindly add a shortcut in the right click menu, so that any folder can be locked with just a click. I know in that case installation will be required but that's adorable.


Locking folders is pretty easy job to do. You can even do it with notepad, but when it comes to confidential stuffs, you better leave it on expert hands. Anyway comment your reviews below. Good bye for now. Ceeyaa!!
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Amazon Launched the Fire Phone — Can It Survive?

Eventually the long-heard rumor of a "3D-Phone" has come alive. Yes, lastly the ecommerce giant Amazon has joined Samsung & Apple in the party. The buzz of its launch was flying around from a few days. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, on en event in Seattle has set the stage on "fire" (literally speaking), launching their first ever smart phone named — the Fire Phone. From his statements during the inauguration, it was pretty clear that Amazon's going to abide by the same tactics that they've been complying around the past years. He said that Amazon has one indispensable goal — "Earn the trust of the customers" and he believes that if they do it "thousand times, over and over and over", people 'will' notice. Well, the toughest job to do right now is competing in the Smartphone race ruled by Samsung and Apple. Can Amazon Survive? Let's have a look at its specifications.

Hardware Stuffs:

Bezos admitted that hardware-wise the phone has some part equivalent to few of its entrants especially to Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s. Yet the new-born 160 gram Smartphone has some great stuff to offer to its users. It runs on the Krait 400 Qualcomm Snapdragon powered quad-core 2.2 GHz processor with 2GB RAM. This, I guess, is enough for a breezing fast android experience. For movie and game geeks the 4.7 inch aluminum device has offered IPS LCD HD display protected by Gorilla Glass. It comes with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

Amazon has showed their innovation power with the tremendous endeavor on its camera section. Like many other smart phones it has a 13 Mega Pixel rear camera with additional 4 front cams. Now here comes the twist. Besides adding a cool stabilization technology they've featured an 'instaccess" button. By which the camera can be launched with a single press even when the phone is locked! This clearly shows that the company is going to strengthen their hold on the photography part.

The Fire burns with both 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage. For storage of the photos you'll be given unlimited space on Amazon Cloud. It has 2400 mAh battery capable of 285 hours standby. For music geeks they've offered dual stereo speakers powered by Dolby. The magnetic earbuds will protect you from getting lost in the wire's jungle in your pocket.

Software Stuffs:

The Smartphone runs on Fire OS 3.5 (which is their own android version). One of the interesting features of this phone is the "Dynamic Perspective". The front facing cams keep track of your head, face orientation etc. And it responds in accordance with the way you move. As an instance, you can scroll any page by just moving your hand over it. This dynamic perspective also helps to convert flat images into 3D images. This actually isn't 3D, it's just a hoodwink called Motion Parallax. In spite of this trick, the experience is quite cool while using the phone.

Another breathe-taking innovation of Fire Phone is the Firefly service. The goodness of this feature reminds me of the song  —  Fireflies by Owl City. This media-identification app can recognize any product using the camera and add it to your Amazon cart within half a second! In addition to products, it can identify songs, movies, TV shows and tons of other stuffs.

You can get this 'coolly' featured Fire Phone from 25th July onwards (Only in US). For 32 GB you'll have to throw 649 bucks out of your pocket, which should be a great deal. The price at countries, other than US is yet to be declared.

Key Features:

  • Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 13 MP Rear Cam with 4 Front Cams.
  • Operating System: Fire OS 3.5.
  • 4.7 Inch LCD High Definition Display (with Gorilla Glass Protection).
  • Screen Resolution: 720 X 1280p
  • Battery 2400 mAh (almost 285 hour's standby).
  • Internal memory: 32 GB / 64 GB.
  • Surprises: Firefly app & Dynamic Perspective.
  • Price: $ 649 (32 GB)  — Off Contract.
 Full technical details, contract prices and original pictures are available at this link.


Now the main question that arises is — Nokia drowned, Blackberry drowned, can Amazon do that? Can Amazon survive the no-chance-of-mistake race? Can they do what others couldn't? However, we've to wait few more days for the answers of these questions. Till then Keep Flying, Keep Firing.

All trademarks including Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm etc. are property of their resepected owners and represented on promotional purpose only. Cover Pic Credit: Pixabay.com
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